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Janurary 16th 2020

I am fortunate to be close with a few of the professors at my university. Recently one of them told me to watch a set of lectures known as the messengers lectures given by Richard Feynman. Today I watched the first of these lectures (of which there are 7). The first lecture, titled "Law of Gravitation — An Example of Physical Law" can be found on microsoft's website here or on youtube here.

So without further introduction.....

Today I learned the following fact from Richard Feynman.

Keplers 2nd Law

If you look at the area formed when you draw a line between the sun, some planet and that same planet 3 weeks later on in its orbit, the area formed by the enclosing region will always be the same. This means, no matter where in the orbit the planet is, the region formed between the sun and it now and it in 3 weeks will always be the same, Furthermore, there is nothing special about 3 weeks. As long as you look at equal intervals of time, the area will be the same. This concept is depicted in the image below where 1 month in the chosen interval.

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