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Janurary 22th 2020

I havn't posted in a bit. Don't worry I have not given up, I was sick 🤒 was the Rihno virus 🦏🦠 (The common cold :D). While lying in bed I had the following question: Why when I am sick does only one of my nostrils get really clogged. And even weirder than that is the fact that throughout the day the clogged nostril will switch from right to left and back again.

So natrually I did some digging.

Today I learnt the following about my body,

Throughout the day your body (really your automic nervous system), will switch off which of your two nostrils is on duty. They both are working all the time but one is doing most of the work. The exact reasoning this occurs I have no gotten a chance to research but one website claims that the on duty nostril deals with a faster airstream than the off duty one and that this is beneficial for us because certain smells can be picked up better in faster airflow whereas others are picked up better in slower airflow. They also claim giving your nostrls a break reduce the chance they dry out and it gives the cilia inside them a break. You have cilia in your ear also so I am not sure why those guys can work all day but that is for another day!

Ps. When you are sick, the nostril that is on break is the one getting backed up

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