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General posts will most likely be the least active section of this blog. I'm not really a personal life "sharer", though I think I'd like to work on that. That said, today I had a great conversation with a friend (Benni) and I wanted to share a simple, most likely unsurprising, idea.

Put simply, people tend to be too humble when it comes to what they know. I can name only a few friends who during conversation may turn to me and say something like:

I learnt a really cool excel function I want to show you.


I learnt something really neat about Diatoms, can I tell you about it?


Let's get on a call and I'll help you show all the cool stuff I setup on my pi

I feel people tend to either think:

  1. The other person probably knows about this
  2. It's not something worth sharing
  3. The other person may not know about this, it's cool but they probably won't be interested.

I can only speak for myself, but all three of these are wrong.

It's easy to feel once you understanding something that what you just learnt is "trivial". That it's not really that interesting.

Often it may have took you hours or days to understand but would only take you minutes or seconds to breifly explain. This may give you the false impression that it was tough for you but that the concept is simple.

There is a reason CEO's and people in high up positions make decisions you would not have thought of but end up being great for a company. They have many people under them, acquiring information. Each of the employees may take days to acquire the necessary info but all that data gets compressed into a single report which the CEO reads. It isn't that this CEO is way smarter, it is that they can work off the knowledge of many many employees sharing the information they found.

Sharing knowledge is a powerful thing. Do not think what you have is trivial, it most likely is not. Not everyone will be interested but plenty are. A lot of people enjoy learning. Create a blog, let those that are interested learn and grow from the fruits of your labor. That is certainly what I hope to do here.

I feel fortunate that I have a few friends who really do enjoy sharing.

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