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I see how it maybe confusing that this blog has 2 posts which start off "Hello.".

To be honest, originally the "Hello World" post for this blog was supposed to be the one you can now find in the linear algebra section of this site. That is because the original idea to start this blog came from want to share a journey of linear algebra with the world.

Change of plans.

I enjoyed writing out my Hello Linear Algebra post and decided if I was going to have a chance in being "active" on this site, I'd need a few more topics to chat about. So here we are.

I obviously will continue (start :) ) the Linear Algebra series of this blog but I will additionally add a "Interview Questions" and General section.

The interview section i'm sure (NOT) will come as a shock to those who know me.

The general section is here because sometimes what I want to say wont fit into an on-going series.

With that said, I encourage you to read the OG Hello post located in the Linear Algebra series and enjoy!

-- Ehud

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